The Prodigal Son(an epilogue)

For those familiar with the parable of The Prodigal Son  The younger of two sons asks for his inheritance, he gets it, he blows it,  Desolate, he returns, begging for a servents position in his fathers house.  Father welcomes him, kills the fatted calf in celebration of his return. Elder son bitter at the younger, is … Continue reading The Prodigal Son(an epilogue)


Living In Tension 

True personal growth comes when you choose to honestly communicate and understand those you have conflict with even if it means living in tension and being accountable for each of your own actions. This is when discrimination and self serving categorization of others ends.  If you are of Christian persuasion, please remember, Christ did not come … Continue reading Living In Tension 

I Am Sorry 

Three simple words , without knowing the context, have endless implications/applications. A simple accidental bump into someone, if you interrupt someone, a common courtesy, These type of apologies are typically immediate. The phrase is a polite gesture allowing us to coexist in a somewhat civil society. Making amends can also vary culturally. For example, in … Continue reading I Am Sorry