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“Ladies and gentlemen, the Professor on drums” (A Tribute) #Fridayfictioneers

1979: Protest folk music was dying down and Disco had reached its peak. “Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive” blasted through the vibrating buzz alarm of the 1960s turquoise clock radio. (Time for school)“Spirit of Radio”by Progressive Rock band RushLyrics by PeartNeil Peart that is, aKa The Professor Photo Source Pinterest … Continue reading “Ladies and gentlemen, the Professor on drums” (A Tribute) #Fridayfictioneers

Time To Go- A short story By Raymond Roy #Friday Fictioneers

The airbrushed retirement cake read, “Happy Retirement Barry”.Barrie felt the misspelling was a Crisco laden representation of how irrelevant his position had become. Swing top trash cans overflowing with solo cups and paper plates, conveyed an end to the festivities. Back at his desk, it was laden with outdated office supplies. The office hummed with … Continue reading Time To Go- A short story By Raymond Roy #Friday Fictioneers

Chapter 2

"The Rescue" The shock from the fox regeneration, (from Chapter 1)sent an intense spasm through Bella’s body. It started at the base of her neck, traveled down her spine and snapped her curly tail straight like the whip of a muleskinner.  Traffic whirred by.   A string of orange barrels dotted the rural state road, … Continue reading Chapter 2