Residential Farm by Raymond Roy #sundayphotofiction

“Residential” Farm By Raymond Roy As the priest drove away, painted smiles on my new guardians, transformed into distorted scowls akin to grotesque masks in a Twilight zone episode. The Mister, seethed,“Well Mrs., looks like we have that summer labor we’ve been prayin fer.” Mister was a scrawny crotchety person. Shoulders bare, void faded blue … Continue reading Residential Farm by Raymond Roy #sundayphotofiction


The Obituary 

I learned that you are dead.  Although words say you have passed, your cruel deeds committed by you to me as a child still lingered for decades. You might have softened and treated your own children better than you treated your foster children.  I had a condition you judged as a plea for attention. Rather … Continue reading The Obituary