Harmony (Dealing with Conflict)

Harmony.... If there is power in kindness, harmony is the fuel that feeds it. ..... Accept the fact that others(even those you despise) have the same right to the pursuit of happiness as you.


Standing Alone, A poem By Raymond Roy. #Poetry

Standing alone, I wonder why. No one is there to hear when I laugh, breathe, or sigh. What have I done? Have I been cast aside? Is this my Ego's fault, heavy laden with ugly pride? I have a choice of self pity or self-reflect. A challenge to my psyche, knowing not what to expect. … Continue reading Standing Alone, A poem By Raymond Roy. #Poetry


Image Credit: Dion Kaszas In remembrance of a good man I am standing still in a bit of shock, others walk toward a ticking clock. A legacy begins, life story complete, knowing God, has prepared a seat, Crooked smile, slicked back hair, to us “Uncle Larry”, to Aunty Mackie, simply,” Lair”. Cigarette hanging, and happy … Continue reading Legacy