Karaoke Guard-shack

While in the U.S. Marines, I'd been stationed in Iwakuni , Japan for about 9 months primarily working on Sidewinder Missile launchers. I had the opportunity to deploy to Korea on a team exercise with the South Korean Marines. (ROK Marines) Unfortunately part of being an E-3 Lance Corporal meant $hit details. In this case … Continue reading Karaoke Guard-shack


Lessons from Dirty Dick. He is Alllll. Riighttttt!

Newly married, living in Hawaii, and 3 months fresh out of the US Marines. (Semper Fi to all my fellow Marines). Could not find a job! Not much demand for a sidewinder missile technician in "the world". As fate would have it, coming from Lynden, would pay off. Just finished an interview with a small … Continue reading Lessons from Dirty Dick. He is Alllll. Riighttttt!

When I am weak, then I am strong.


Jules Suman

I am not sure I ever understood the true meaning or impact of 2 Corinthians 12:10 until very recently in my life. As you know (if you have read any of my other posts – you know) Brian and I are dealing with family issues at home that have really caused us some serious pain and heartache. We have, at times, allowed it to come between us. We have, at times, allowed it to cause us to stumble in our walk with God. We have, at times, allowed it to consume us. In the not so distant past, I would pray to God and plead with him to “just take it away”. Or “just please make things better.” But I’m now almost ashamed of asking God to grant me an easy way out. I know that he is allowing me to go through these trials (not causing them – but…

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