The Gift

Crybaby! Quit your whining! You are too sensitive ! Too sensitive? Thanks for the compliment! Seriously, if you have been told this in a negative conatation, You have a gift! Yes a gift!  A few years back, I read a book about Highly Sensitive People or "HSP's.  We all go through adolescence where our hormones are … Continue reading The Gift

“Day in Court”

I was 15 years old, visiting my Dad in Edmonton Alberta during my high school Spring break in Washington State. Strangely He and I went on a shopping spree. Blue plaid suit, deep blue shirt and a white tie.  The next day we got up early. Dad standing in front of me shirtless freshly shaven, … Continue reading “Day in Court”


Visualize Healing Healing a relationship  It can start with a small act of kindness.  A kind word.  Acknowledging that you made a mistake. Acknowledging that you are not proud of your actions.  Visualize a moment in time when you shared a laugh with that person. Visualize a moment when things were not so complicated. Visualize … Continue reading Healing

Learn by doing

Happy Birthday in Heaven Tone, love you man!

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In honor of my Stepdad Tony’s birthday in heaven, I wanted to share one of my favorite stories is about him. When I was about 10 years old, it was a beautiful spring day, in Lynden, WA. The sun was shining with a soft breeze. Tony and I had been planting trees(more like sticks we had ordered from the back cover page of The Family Weekly magazine) and we took a break. We sat on the soft pine needled ground under the shade of a big tree. Cars zipped by on Northwood Road. We were enjoying a Shasta soda talking about how nice the weather was.
Suddenly I felt something biting me on the legs, I jumped up, started dancing around, brushing away the ants that had crawled up my pant leg. Tony and I both burst out in laughter in response to my unscheduled ants in the pants routine…

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Traitors’ Gate by Raymond Roy Sunday Photo Fiction SPF

Traitors' Gate Floating along, looking through crusted blood on my eyelashes, I ducked under the spikes as not to inflict agony on my already swollen skull. Past the scarlet lace, I faintly made out the sign "traitors' gate". Fresh from the field of battle, Edward I aka "Longshanks" had made sure we felt his men's … Continue reading Traitors’ Gate by Raymond Roy Sunday Photo Fiction SPF

Living In Tension 

True personal growth comes when you choose to honestly communicate and understand those you have conflict with even if it means living in tension and being accountable for each of your own actions. This is when discrimination and self serving categorization of others ends.  If you are of Christian persuasion, please remember, Christ did not come … Continue reading Living In Tension 

Ethical Line

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Recently I came across a few forums supporting the argument of not taking up the offenses of others i.e. ….fight your own battles.Additionally, 1Thessalonians 4:11 states:“Do all you can to live a peaceful life. Take care of your own business, and do your own work as we have already told you”.

In other words mind your own business. I couldn’t agree more.

However, human decency dictates that it is your responsibility to stand up for those without a voice or being treated unfairly. In my humble opinion, that should be your business.

Years back I took an ethics class where the curriculum was structured around ethical questions such as your stand on abortion, corporate accountability, etc… What I truly enjoyed about the class was there were no wrong answers/opinions.

The objective was to peel back the layers of laissez faire positions on posed ethical questions. I was surprised by the…

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I Am Sorry 

Three simple words , without knowing the context, have endless implications/applications. A simple accidental bump into someone, if you interrupt someone, a common courtesy, These type of apologies are typically immediate. The phrase is a polite gesture allowing us to coexist in a somewhat civil society. Making amends can also vary culturally. For example, in … Continue reading I Am Sorry