“Media Sheep” by Raymond Roy

Hush don't bark, quiet please, we sheep are watching "news". Listening for that one report, that will give us precious clues. Clues to Bias "Insight" that will, assure us of who we are, helpless sheep following talking heads and pundits near and far. Sheep of the left or sheep of the right, blinders firmly in … Continue reading “Media Sheep” by Raymond Roy


“The Conversation”By Raymond Roy

A conversation that starts with criticism, ends the conversation. A conversation that starts with ridicule, accomplishes nothing . A conversation that starts with humility, encourages empathy. A conversation that continues with empathy, leads to trust A conversation based on trust, encourages creativity. A conversation that continues with creativity, encourages compromise. A conversation that continues with … Continue reading “The Conversation”By Raymond Roy


Happy Birthday to my Mum. Thanks for being a wonderful human being.

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Five foot two

Quilt stitched coat of blue

Native pride

Spiritual strength inside

Lower Nicola band

Shuswap Clan

Tony and Jerry

Each man you did marry

Chur pops Mum

Day had begun

Nineteen Seventy-two

I had no clue

When the music played

You faced it unafraid

Get up to eat

Cream of wheat

Wrestling meet

Always in your seat

Tab and Tuna Chili

Weighing food wasn’t silly

Green bean stuff

Could never eat enough

Pecan tarts are nice

Pork Hocks and rice

Open ear

20 plus without a beer

Elvis the king

Let’s karaoke to sing

Elton John

It was Your Song

Bloodshot eyes

You were not surprised

Boot camp daily

You sent maily

Red Rose Tea

Sister of Grandma Susie

Picking berries

Still friends with Mary

Coronation street

Light on your feet

Trust is wealth

Binhave yourself

Wounds from long ago

Continues to help us grow

Whom do I…

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