Straw-man by Raymond Roy #FFfaw #fiction

He is a Liar!! A liar, a fornicator and I can’t stand it any longer! Mitzie had conviction in her voice as she addressed the Church board. Squeezing out a few tears completed the effect. The accused, Pastor Rigby, stunned, waiting for the church board to react. Rigby had perhaps squeezed a little out of his Church personal expenses, but what in the hell was she talking about?

Earlier that day, as the Church-administrator, Mitzie was denied vacation time by Rigby. By God he was going to pay. It started with texts to the church district office. Next lunch with the assistant pastor.

“Look Jeffery, you want that top spot don’t you? ” Jeffrey was puzzled until he saw the devious look in Mitzie’s eye. Give us a kiss Jeff, and leave the rest to me.

There was no wrong doing by Rigby but like any good strawman fallacy, her lies lit the straw-man on fire, Rigby couldn’t put it out.

Margarita glasses, “clink”in Cabo. Cheers Señor! Or should I say Senior Pastor Jeff!

Word Count-175

As a former Church Board member, Nothing could be truer than the idea of “truth being stranger than fiction”. Just as the Strawman mentioned in this story, the repeating of rumors,(even in denial of the rumors) only cultivate them toward being believed.

Written for Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers thanks to our gracious host Priceless Joy and thanks to Ellespeth for the photo prompt. To read other stories based on the photo prompt click here


Blueberry Hill By Raymond Roy #FffAW #humor

Wild blueberry season was in full bloom. Samantha and Sarah sat with their bucket on the hillside as they weren’t permitted to pass over the bridge to the fields.

Frustrated, “What the Heck? Who ever heard of toll bridge that only takes credit cards. ” Samantha grumbled.

“Look at all the heavy bushes on the other side”. Sarah sighed. “Hey here comes Mom to the rescue!”

Walking up to the bridge, their Mom looked puzzled. She looked to the girls.. “Mom it’s a custom card reader designed by the hipster artist that owns the fields. Here let me show you.” Samantha took her Moms card and slid it between the clothed” buttcheeks” of the card reader. A robotic message sounded, “Do you want a receipt?” “NO thank you!” Their mom replied.. “We will leave that for another day”…they all laughed .

Word Count-142

Written for Flash Fiction for aspiring writers. Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting. Thanks and Photo Credit to Yinlan Z for the photo prompt.

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In honor of St. Patricks Day I thought I would share a few limericks I penned a few years back. Enjoy life where ever you are. 

April Showers
There once was a man named Judd

Who wore pants like he was expecting a flood 

After forty days of rain his pants had not one stain 

While his friends were all stuck in the mud.
Sitting in Coach Limericks

There once was a man named Pete

On a plane, he was in the next seat.

He yelled that my headphones were too loud

I responded I’m not too proud but, the sound ain’t as strong the smell of your feet.


I once I met a lawyer named McFlit

On a plane I closely did sit

I offered a joke

He told me to choke

In return I told him eat sh#%.
Peace. Raymond