Fear Factor and the lesser of two evils

First I would like to speak of two alternative candidates. (We were made to “fear” the uncertainty they brought) 

Two “alternatives ” Johnson and Bernie 

I realize I’m an oversimplifying. 

Bernie chose to jump on the Democratic wagon. I imagine with his age, he may have thought that this was his only chance. I think he would’ve done well running as an independent. I truly believe he would have broken through. 

Johnson on the other hand, didn’t want to participate war games and nation building with policies such as the Bush doctrine OR potentially get lost in the lemming herd of the GOP nominees. 

Bernie is on the bench now and I have to think he realizes allot of power lies with Congress. I like to think he feels he can still make a difference as he has his whole political career. Him being president was never about ego, it was about heart. 

As one respectful commentor (thank you) has pointed out to me recently, Gary simply may not have the will or the means to take it as far as he possibly could have. 

Two major “players”

Historically When minorities were ignored (by either party) they,  like Johnson, may not have had the will or the more importantly the means to be heard. 


When the mostly white middle class started tasting what minorities had suffered under for so many years,  they found of voice that spewed their anger(I refuse to use his name). A moral compass is the least of their concern. 

Basic Needs

May I suggest that, to better understand what is happening here, we look to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Let’s assume that people’s basic needs of food and shelter are being met.  Next up is safety. Before we move up the pyramid toward love self-esteem and self actualization we need to feel safe.

Is there any doubt now why fear has become the centerpiece of the political platform for each of the two major parties?

This post is not something to provoke another bashing of “what’s wrong with the party” you don’t support. This is a post to take challenge all of us to take a hard look at yourself as you did in psych 101. 

How possibly can we feel like we belong or feel loved if we are being fed endless portions of fear and uncertainty? Let us not forget   The Lesser of two evil still provide you a healthy dose of fear which metabolizes in one’s soul feeling unsafe. 

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”-FDR

May peace be with you all.