The Long Path By Raymond Roy #poetry

The sign means STOP, to all refugees, it has been years since we have seen any trees. Rifle and young child upon my shoulder, radiant heat off a Turkish boulder. Granite boulder on our neighbors land, we seek escape, from a tyrants hand. Unwelcomed people, we accept a fate, choosing to live, versus war and … Continue reading The Long Path By Raymond Roy #poetry

“All You Can Eat” by Raymond Roy #FridayFictioneers

. Image Copyright victor and Sarah Potter "All you Can Eat" by Raymond Roy “Click” on the light switch, inside the cellar door. Giant arachnid suspended , on a web from ceiling to floor Not waiting long for prey, that hum and fill the air, In the form flesh-flies, ruby eyed and legs with hair. … Continue reading “All You Can Eat” by Raymond Roy #FridayFictioneers

“Free Delivery” by Raymond Roy #flashfiction #FFFAW

And here young ladies, we have a life-sized skeletal model of the extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Cretaceous Period almost 70 million years ago. Following along the railing, our next exhibit of extinct species is a full sized scale model of the male of our species. The smaller of two is what was referred to … Continue reading “Free Delivery” by Raymond Roy #flashfiction #FFFAW