“It’s Been Awhile” by Raymond Roy

It's been a while since I was on my knees.... Just as I thought the world is only getting colder, Bowing my head, I felt the weight of the world off my shoulders.  It reminded me humility waits patiently, but opens the door on bended knee, as thankfulness, comes naturally.  Clasped hands pressed together in … Continue reading “It’s Been Awhile” by Raymond Roy

“More CowBell”(‘s) Palsy “Mr. Heavyfoot” 

3 week update . "Mr. Heavyfoot" So thankful for modern medicine. I feel 90% of my facial/blinking has returned to "normal". I did want to share and a shift in a few things physically and emotionally after after a 10 day regiment using oral steroids(Prednisolone). All was well until 3 days after stopping taking them. … Continue reading “More CowBell”(‘s) Palsy “Mr. Heavyfoot”