Bella’s Elixir by Raymond Roy #fiction #shortstory

Chapter 1

“The Gift”

Mid August-The Perseids (meteor showers) were in full swing. Named Perseid as the shooting “stars” originate from the constellation Perseus (A Great Greek hero), slayer of monsters and most notably, the Gorgon Medusa.

High winds made for a clear night. A gamma ray infused meteor ignited as it entered earth’s atmosphere. With evaporating layers of ice, rock and carbon, a vapor trail streamed across the night sky. With a loud thud, the meteor landed in a small pond, just outside a scrap metal junkyard in rural US of A.

The impact of the space rock stirred a little dust in the makeshift den, a scrapped 69 Chevelle. A cob web broke free, shimmering in the sliver of white linen moonlight floating for a moment, then landing onto the nose of a soft fluffy fur ball named Bella. Bella was solid black from head to toe. In dim light it was hard to make her out from a shadow. She Found herself alone as her mother had left earlier that evening to hunt for food. Her mother had been gone for what seemed an eternity.

Determined wind gusts swept through the junk yard, making Bella’s petaled ears perk up. As the night wore on, the wind calmed and with a deep sigh, she drifted off to sleep.

A loud roar of a front end loader’s diesel engine startled her awake. The rusted lime green shelter began to vibrate, Bella bolted into the morning sunlight, sprinting toward a gap in the chain link fence., CRASH!! Her den was no more. Photo Credit: butisitart Squeezing through the fence, Bella left the smell of used oil and radiator fluid behind. Her large puppy head gave her a teetering stride as she ran into an open field. It was the first time she had felt grass beneath her tender paws. She ran until she was out of earshot of the clanking junkyard.

Long tongue darting in and out of her open mouth, saliva bubbles foamed along her burgundy gum line. Closing her mouth between breaths, she drew in the scent of nearby water. She willed her bow-legs forward in the direction of the yet unseen oasis.

Approaching a pond, Bella walked into the shallows. The cool water felt good on her delicate paws. Lapping up the cool water, her mind cleared. The meteor laced pond water tasted like nectar. She felt invigorated. As she walked onto the bank, she noticed that wherever she was wet, her paws and down her chest, had changed from black to white. She looked as if she had walked through a pan of white paint. Not thinking much about it, Bella followed the dirt road moving away from the junkyard and pond towards town..

Where the dirt road met a paved road, traffic was buzzing by. Suddenly through the blur of cars, she saw a bright red fox trapped on the median of the busy road, unexpectedly it darted across, towards her. Unsure what to do, Bella froze. BAM! A speeding car plowed into the fox. Time suddenly slowed down, as she watched the fox’s body vaulted into the air as if from a circus cannon. The crimson canine landed squarely in front of her paws.

Almost standing on her back paws, Bella’s back tightened, body twisted, as she tried to get away. Senses were overwhelmed, The fox scent was of a combination of musk and dog urine. It’s body convulsing as if it were choking on a chicken bone, the foxes eyes met Bella’s. The foxes amber eyes froze, not blinking, it’s body shook and lay still.

Bella’s stood over the dead fox, her ears were ringing as if in a sound tunnel. As she closed her mouth to take in a curiosity driven whiff of her fellow canine, a drop of drool fell from her tongue landing squarely on the fox’s nose. Immediately its pupils dilated, It blinked, began to breathe, pounced to its feet, took one look at Bella and jetted off in the direction of the junkyard.

This is my first attempt at a chapter book. I hope you enjoy it and come back for the next installment. Thank you for reading and your comments are much appreciated.



9 thoughts on “Bella’s Elixir by Raymond Roy #fiction #shortstory

      1. Ray, I have been wondering what to do with my blog. I don’t have a lot of time to write these days. I also can’t write much about the people I encounter most often (family or students). I would like to share your most recent post as a reblog. Your work is so lovely and it deserves a wider audience. But I won’t do that without your permission. Please let me know what you think about this idea. Sending my best wishes whatever your decide. ❤

  1. Reblogged this on Voices from the Margins and commented:
    Recently, it has been increasingly more difficult for me to find time to write posts for my blog. At the moment, I have a batch of student papers to grade and two more assignments coming in this week. I have been wondering what to do with my blog. And then it occurred to me. When I first began blogging, a new-found friend with a huge following featured some of my early posts on his site, instantly helping me connect to a wider community.
    One of the things I have loved most about being part of a blogging community is the opportunity to meet so many talented artists, photographers, poets, writers, and storytellers, and so many kind and decent people. This morning, I read a story written by one of them, Raymond Roy, at goroyboy. I was inspired to ask Ray, a writer whose work often touches me deeply, if he would allow me to reblog his newest story, Bella’s Elixir. He graciously agreed to allow me to share this work.

    Please take time to visit Ray’s site.

    1. Dear Carol,
      On this peaceful Sunday morning my eyes are welling with tears of gratitude for not only your selfless pay it forward act of sharing a gift that was given you long ago, but for a so well described sense of appreciation to the kind supportive blogosphere that provides a sanctuary from what can be a world of chaos. Peace to you always my Dear Friend ❤️

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