“Just Like Old Times”


The hunted winced as he tried to remove the blood crusted brick red gauze from his gunshot foot. Easing his foot into the cool creek water, the current softened the dried blood, allowing the removal of the bandage. Some of the pain subsided. Minnows darted at the suspended cotton fibers and coagulated blood particles in the water.

“I’m gunna get you Wabbit”!!!

“This guy is serious” thought Bugs as he hunkered down.

Word Count-70

Written for Rochelle Wisoff Fields Friday Fictonners challenge to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt thanks . You can find other stories here.


    1. Thanks 😊 to some of the younger readers, I wasn’t sure if they knew who Bugs was.. lol I actually started out with a gangster character named Bugsy and then I thought hey why not.. thanks for commenting and reading

    1. Nice to be back Rochelle, thank you.. it brought me back to the bugs bunny episode where bugs is hold up in a house with Rocky and EG Robinson, as usual Bugs had them on the run. Peace to you:)

  1. Haha, that ending made me grin. I’m sure Bugs will get the better of the hunter eventually, like always. Even better because the beginning was such a well described moment of pain and fear.

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