Traitors’ Gate by Raymond Roy Sunday Photo Fiction SPF

Traitors’ Gate

Floating along, looking through crusted blood on my eyelashes, I ducked under the spikes as not to inflict agony on my already swollen skull. Past the scarlet lace, I faintly made out the sign “traitors’ gate”. Fresh from the field of battle, Edward I aka “Longshanks” had made sure we felt his men’s full wrath for our feudal uprising.

Once beyond the gate, the moat was once again refilled as I felt our raft rise.

Our leader William Wallace beside me, was alert and continued to shout obscenities at the crown. As we filed off to the gallows,we were met with a storm of rotted vegetables, excrement, and high velocity mucous spat from toothless court funded protesters employed to patriotism. By day these “loyalists”begged in the street for a crust of bread due to over taxation. The irony was that these were the very people we were fighting for.

Waking with the sound of crunching, neurotransmissions from my lower torso told me it was likely a greasy rat having breakfast as I hung from the dungeon wall by my wrists, feet, barely touching the floor. In vain I try to shake it off.

Oh God take me now!!

Word Count=200

Written For Sunday Photo Fiction Hosted Special thanks to the host Al Forbes.


17 thoughts on “Traitors’ Gate by Raymond Roy Sunday Photo Fiction SPF

  1. Wonderfully horrible descriptions — I can see why by this point in the punishment, he wants to die. I see that you got rotten fruit throwing into your story too, we’re like story-twins!

    1. Yes, my fellow rotten fruit proponent lol, this is one thing I enjoy about the flash fiction is similar ideas out of the same picture. I noticed quite a few teams about espionage but ours might be the only ones with fermenting . On second thought I imagine the fermenting fruit of that era was also used in winemaking… Final thought what did you think fresh fruit would hurt more .. but those another stories “We will leave on the vine for now” have a wonderful week.

      1. Ha ha, I see what you did there… Yes, fresh fruit might hurt more, but it wouldn’t splash and leave such an awful, smelly mess. Easy solution: rotten stone fruit, like peaches. You get both the mushy part and the hard, painful part!

      2. Dripping of the fruit juice off of my hero’s feet, the greasy rat just wanted some vitamin C. .. talk about low hanging fruit. Oh boy,

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