The Message By Raymond Roy #writephoto

Photo Credit Sue Vincent

The Message By Raymond Roy

If I could talk what would I say, to the Lummi, the Shuswap, and Ojibwe

I would share my sorrow of broken *Magic Pots, of runs of Salmon, no longer caught.

Empty plains are where the Bison would run,

Wiped from Mother Earth, like a setting sun.

Dignity destroyed by Firewater, making orphans of both son and daughter.

If I could talk, much to my dismay, man would not listen, Yes he, God’s very own creation, from the Mother Earth’s clay.

Blind greed for gold and oil desecrates sacred lands, destroying our Nations, our tribes, and our bands.

To all the nations, empower the child, to embrace Mother Earth, the wind, and the wild.

Be fathers to your children, watch dignity grow, mankind may depend, on this message, from The Crow.



Written for Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt Thank you to Sue!

*There is an Ojibwe story of Magic pots that encouraged creativity and had special powers. Five little girls broke the pots and intern were turned into crows, and from that day forward the Ojibwe made no pottery.


  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you. This is beautiful…and too sadly true. We, as a society, have lost touch with any reality wider than our own fears and greed.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thank you. Sigh…As a First Nations Shuswap, it is the strength of our women that have broken many of the chains of the past. My Mum, a recovering alcoholic 20 years sober is a youth counselor for the Lummi nation. Peace to you Sue.

      1. Sue Vincent says:

        Women bear the children of the future but I think that makes us aware of our roots in the past.

  2. Iain Kelly says:

    Amen to that. A wise crow.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thanks for checking it out Iain

  3. Unfortunately, we will ignore the message, once again, and one day, will become food for the crows!

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thanks Sue. The hardest working blogger on WordPress 🙂

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