Counting “sheep” by Raymond Roy #poetry #Fffaw #lambsofTartary

Grandfather, “where does cotton come from?”

My son,

In the land of the Mongols half way ’round the world, grows a plant, of fluffy pearls.

Balancing on bellybuttons, tiny lambs are propped, growing as a shrub-like plant, where-ever sheep scat is dropped.

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Enter the fields on a breezy day, Lamb of Tartar plants, tend to sway.

Zephyr forces bend lambs boll stalk petite, toward nearby grass, for them to eat.

After rains have gone and grass is dead, the elfin lambs die, leaving cotton for thread.

On the mighty Steppe, lamb plants grow, providing cotton, to weave and sew.

Word Count- 99

Written for Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers graciously hosted by Priceless Joy. To read additional stories based on the photo prompt click Here.

A little history behind the content, in the 14th century there was believed to be a plant called the vegetable lamb of Tartary(Mongolia). The plant consisted of tiny lambs held in the air at the umbilical which was the plants stalk. When the stalks bent down toward nearby grass, it permitted the lambs to eat. Once the grasses dried up, the plant and tiny lambs died, leaving a cotton boll.


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“Harnessing the Sun” By Raymond Roy #FFfaw

Alexandre.. Alexandre! Are you still in bed?

“Oui Maman! Yes, I am coming! Walking downstairs from his upstairs loft.

“What is wrong with you? There are pigs to feed”, take out the rubbish to the burn pile. You are nineteen years old Alex. King Louis Philipe himself could walk through that door and you would probably sit there day-dreaming!

Shaking head in appeasement to his mother he went about her bidding.

Alex had been doing more than sleeping in. During this time of year the morning sun tracked perfectly through his thick burlap curtains. The focused energy was awe inspiring. He was fascinated by his secret experiments with what he was calling chemical batteries. Noting yesterday that when exposed to heat, they became quite volatile. Heat was unstable,hard to control. Playing with his prisms (if he could only better understand the less volatile visible light potential, the reaction would HAVE to be more stable).

He was right..

Word Count-158

In 1839 France, Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel, at age 19, would later be credited with creating the first photovoltaic device in his father’s laboratory.

This was written for FFfAW Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Great thanks to our host PricelessJoy! To read additional stories based on the photo prompt, please click here