“Heartbeat” A love poem by Raymond Roy #lovepoem #heartbeat

Before we say anything else…..

Listen to my heart beat…..

Before you say another word slow down and listen to my heart beat….

The fact you are so close means I trust you.

The fact that my heart is beating means, I am willing to share the precious gift of life with you

Holding you near….Listening to your heartbeat reminds me that, we are merely human and make mistakes including, saying things that might be hurtful.

Our heartbeats beating means there is still time…..

Time enough to make amends…

Time enough to forgive…

Time enough to be still…

Still enough to hear our hearts beating as one



“Gratitude” by Raymond Roy

Gratitude                                  For all that brings joy and for the challenges that shape me.

Gratitude connects me to the best life has to offer..

To my family, friend and foe alike, I wish you peace this day. Amen


“Capture the day” Photo by Raymond Roy

“When the Morning Comes” by Raymond Roy

Photo Credit Gail Bonsen

When the Morning Comes By Raymond Roy

The unexpected news right after the pep rally, made the understood plans of a Friday football game date and Saturday movie plans vanish. Standing outside the gym, stunned, in shock, as if struck in the heart with an ice pick.

The drawing of a deep breath, a runny nose, a tear stained pillow. Bedroom door cracked open, luminescent flashes of the latest episode of Dallas are cast upon the mahogany bedroom door, highlighting its skin-like texture.

Click. The family heads off to bed. Rolling over, looking out the north facing window, the ebony sky offers a show of the occasional shooting star. As the moon makes its journey across the sky, it momentarily pauses in the side yard to provide a perfect silhouette of the dropping top of the mammoth western hemlock spruce.

Coyotes welcome the night with their painful yowls. The phosphorescent Radium painted hands on the bedside alarm clock glow a soft green light. The hypnotic spring driven second hand ticks become almost deafening in the dark tunnel of heartbreak. Another deep breath. Outside, the darkness softens, the rooster crows and it is time for morning chores.

Amatuer Philosophy 

Being hurt or angry doesn’t mean you are bitter as bitterness requires you to hate. To those that hate, look inward as the bitterness you sense in others might simply be the stench of your own caustic guilt.Expressing your anger with another just means that you’re healthy and confident enough to communicate that another’s will is not welcome in your personal universe. 

A reassuring thought to those with a weary heart is that peace CAN be given even when trust and respect have yet to be earned. Peace.

Passionate Anger

For the most part I try my best to entertain uplift and be a support for others. Selfishly it fills my cup 🙂 Simply put, a form of social ministry. Good or bad I also strive to be honest and transparent. Recently I have felt a level of anger to where I wished ill will on others. As anger grew inside of me, I could hear the chains of hate and revenge rattling forth binding my inner peace that I cherish. I have unfriended ignored and avoided people I once considered friends. When I was a young child, I witnessed a lot of violence, abuse, and the like. During my adolescent I did my best to avoid confrontation perhaps as a defense mechanism. 

As a survivor, over the years, I have learned that confrontation is not bad if you come with when your intentions are honorable and are calm enough to let others be heard as well. How does the saying go? “Stand up for what you FEEL is right”….perhaps that is where the anger and frustration comes from. I FELT I did just that. Unfortunately there is also the saying (probably Dr Phil) “Feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are”.

 I have heard Christians also referred to as “Believers”. 

I think it is fair to say that as compared to the average population these practiced “believers” are convicted and Passionate in what they believe and feel, Passionate in Love and if evil has its way, “Passionate in Anger”.

Peace and May God Bless Us all. Amen.