“When The Morning Comes” A poem by Raymond Roy #poetry

A deafening stillness…

A scattering of stubborn stars shimmer, resembling sequins on a cocktail dress that should have been home, hours before.

As dawn arrives, like ice crystals, the stars relent, slowly melting away for a days rest.

A Cardinal’s silhouette appears in the sherbet orange daybreak.

Boldly he bounds to the treetop and gives his first trill of the day, announcing the gift of a new day.

I heard the first Spring Cardinal the other day. After a bleak winter, it reminded me of vibrant colors and fragrances to come. Peace.


Autumn Blaze

First frost,green is lost, Autumn winds clear the sky and the morning sun sets fall maple trees ablaze.

Illuminated maple leaves resemble the tired veins of an old man’s hand who is ready for a long rest.

Wet leaves dampen the sound of steps a proud ambitious buck, taking busy squirrels by surprise.

Hardy Cardinals invisible in the fluttering crimson leaves, shake off the morning chill and begin scouting a shelter for the coming winter.

Fall, one of my favorite times of year.


“The Cardinal’s Call” by Raymond Roy #poetry

High atop budding maple

Sounds a call, of a natural staple

The shrill of the Cardinal announcing loud

Spring has arrived with rain and cloud

Puffed up proud, red crimson breast

Red-olive-colored females, so impressed.

Fluttering dives well orchestrated

Welcoming Spring so long awaited

Showing off

“Showing off”

Blackened face, burnt orange beak,

Seeds and insects are what you seek

And when the winter snow arrives,

God only knows how you survive

Through blizzard, wind, and freezing rain

To emerge once more, to welcome Spring again.


With the first week of Spring The northern Cardinals are like conductors and performers alike. I plant sunflowers for them and the finches in my garden or perhaps ” our garden”