“The Grappler” By Raymond Roy #poem

The Grappler By Raymond RoyWrestling practice, bus garage, Only heat is from your breath and sweat. Adversaries.... ain't seen nothing yet. Represented every weight, corn-fed Unlimited, slender 101, and middle, 168. Up at 530 to run the bleachers, our Coach was Ross aka one of the Algebra teachers. No Friday night lights, no roaring crowds, … Continue reading “The Grappler” By Raymond Roy #poem


“Fences” by Raymond Roy #Sundayphotofiction

Fences by Raymond RoyThe purpose of a wall, fence, or gate, brings to question, what's so great? A work of art behind museum doors, bars of a prison for those society abhors. And then the zoo , lined with it various cages, security in, various stages, So we can look at hairy ape, or exotic … Continue reading “Fences” by Raymond Roy #Sundayphotofiction

Go Boy, Breaking Chains

In my late twenties, as a young Dad of two boys, I began having a recurring dream. A dream that my father was still alive and had reverted back to substance abuse. He was reaching out to my boys with a somewhat crazed look in his eyes. It was a nightmare! I had to choose between the man who I had learned unconditional love from, and the two most precious beings in the world to me, my boys. Years later I came to realize, in the dream I wasn’t protecting them from “him”… No, it had nothing to do with the man I loved, it was protecting them by breaking the chains of substance abuse that had bound my father for much of his life.
Contemporary wisdom, and for that matter, ancient wisdom, advises against living in the past. Move forward, look to the future. But what is left out in this pearl of wisdom are the legacies of those before us. Isn’t that the past? A legacy is something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.

To be fair, what will my children protect their children from in there dreams? That is for them to discover from my legacy.

Happy Birthday in heaven Dad.

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We all have a sad story but I believewe also have a story of hope if we can recognize the chains that bind us making us prisoners of our past, “sins”of our fathers, (sins in the sense that what we have learned from our parental figures(blood or not) that keep us from experiencing the grace of God(feeling Loved/Worthy).

Prisoners, Cons, Convicts, Felons, Delinquents…hard to read or say these words without a negative feeling of wanting to get away , ignore or hope that some authority figure somewhere will deal with “THEM” societys undesirables. In this blog(my first) I hope to share life experiences which may help others cope with similar experiences as well as learn from others.

I first heard the term “Go Boy” during the summer of my 16th year.It was the title of a book by Roger Caron. I was visiting my dad for two weeks during the…

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“Free Delivery” by Raymond Roy #flashfiction #FFFAW

And here young ladies, we have a life-sized skeletal model of the extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Cretaceous Period almost 70 million years ago. Following along the railing, our next exhibit of extinct species is a full sized scale model of the male of our species. The smaller of two is what was referred to … Continue reading “Free Delivery” by Raymond Roy #flashfiction #FFFAW