“Ladies and gentlemen, the Professor on drums” (A Tribute) #Fridayfictioneers

1979: Protest folk music was dying down and Disco had reached its peak.

“Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive” blasted through the vibrating buzz alarm of the 1960s turquoise clock radio. (Time for school)
“Spirit of Radio”by Progressive Rock band Rush
Lyrics by Peart
Neil Peart that is, aKa The Professor

Photo Source Pinterest

“If you choose not to decide, you still have me a choice”
“And the meek shall inherit the earth”
“Conform or be cast out”
Prophetic words to pubescent outcast teens, proclaiming Peart understood.
It’s been a year since Neil’s passing,
RIP Professor Sept1952-Jan 2020

100 Words

Photo credit Rolling Stone magazine

Thank you Professor🤘🏼-Goroyboy

This was written for the photo prompt for Rochelle Wiscoff’s Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge . Although not a traditional short story. Given the photo prompt of an empty drum set along with the appreciation I have for the artist/poet/lyricist, Neil Peart I found a tribute was in order. additional stories based on the photo prompt can be found here


    1. Thanks for the kind comment Dale. Yes a legend. I sense that you reside in the great white north? Your Cello story, somber and oh the Cello performance,, I can see how Cello music would inspire a “Sirens Song” tone to any story of separation.. I am Canadian by birth with much of my early childhood in Ontario and BC. Thanks for the inspiration. Peace

      1. You sense correctly. I live on the south shore of Montreal. A minority Anglo (though, in all honestly, I can’t really call myself that as I’m a mix 🙂 )
        Glad you liked my cello story.
        Do you no longer reside in the great white north? Ontario is huge.. what part? And BC – so beautiful, I’m overdue to return for a visit!

      2. I moved to Washington state I was a young guy. I served in the US Marines and currently reside in Ohio.. my father was French Canadian from North Bay Area, my Mum is first nations from British Columbia., A good taste Canadian heritage “eh?” 😌

      3. Wow. That is a fascinating heritage. And yet, you “defected” 😉 to the States 😀
        My mother is French Canadian and my father was half French Canadian (which he ignored) and half Scottish.

  1. “Begin each day with a friendly voice” is I think the best piece of advice in there. I try to greet my kids with a cheery hello, however I may be feeling. I like to think it makes a difference to all our days.

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