Email invitations chimed.

RSVP: Annual Performance Based Recognition!

Wrigley, James, and Christie smugly thought, ”It’s about time”!

Anticipating accolades about to be bestowed, the pompous trio, arrived that evening, but, being peers, surprised, to see each there.

Assigned seating was under a funnel-shaped fixture suspended from the ceiling.

“Places please,” the CEO announced.

With an excruciating shrill, the vainglorious trio grabbed their ears as waves of pain reverberated their cerebellums.

Pulses stopped. Puzzled, the self-righteous threesome demanded answers. “What kind of award dinner…? What gave you that idea? , the CEO laughed, recognition BECOMING of your performance my dears.. Buuhuuaaaahhhhh!!!

Word Count-100

Written for Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields . Thanks Rochelle! Thanks to Dale Rogerson for the photo prompt. To read more stories based on the photo prompt click here.



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