“This” is a masterful piece of work. A story, a poem within a story. “This” is an example of what I aspire to create someday.
Peace -Goroyboy


~Falling in love~

~ The nature is, me! ~

And this life has always been a mystery, to you, to me and to Kashiv. He doesn’t usually go out and when he does he spends the whole day in one place, staring at the sky, mountains and the forest.

He shares a kinship to everything around him flowers, light and pebbles. He likes being one with the nature and so strips himself and lies naked under the shade of the tall tree he does not know the name of.

In time his body will be covered with dirt, mud and dry leaves. He will be no different than a dead man, buried.

No one knows what goes inside that head of his, that is if he has one; and so no one can tell what he feels or understands or experiences when he does this little act of madness.


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