20$ on pump two (the vengeful soul patch) by Raymond Roy #Fffaw Flash fiction

Hypnotic embers, a lavanous symphony culminating with a gaseous crackling POP!

Tiny meteor, a glowing spark shoots toward my face, landing just under my lower lip. I snap out of my dream state. I think nothing of it.

Back home, yawning, Monday morning mirror, Oddly, a soul patch had grown in overnight where the ember had landed.

Late for work, stopping by the local gas station for a cup, I ran into former “friend” Mike, that I had just as soon avoid.

In front of me, I could see Mike’s smirking reflection in the mirror behind the register. Suddenly, the hairs of my soul patch, grew as if they were a web being cast by Spider-Man. The knarly hairs wrapped around Mike’s throat drawing me so close I could smell the rancid neck sweat trapped in the rolls on the back of his bulbous head.

Just as quickly as it began, the vengeful strands retracted.

Mike stunned, smirk-free.

“Just the coffee sir?”

“Yes, Oh, and 20$ on pump two please?

Word Count-171 words

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to our gracious host Priceless Joy for more information click here

Photo Credit: Enisa (thank you)

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    1. Thanks Joy.. I was chuckling as I wrote the last line, thinking of the expression of other in the store and how the cashier doesn’t even acknowledge what just happened Lol.. perhaps it is simply a daydream for our dreamer.. have a nice week

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