Friends With Benefits By Raymond Roy #FFfAW

Friends with Benefits by Raymond Roy

Flutter flutter flutter, the golden finch landed on my open palm. CRRack! Splitting open one of the many jet black sunflower seeds I held. “Finch”, “You are a truly handsome creature”.

“Thank you” Finch replied. And you are a gracious human being.

I so enjoyed our mornings together. “Finch, you’ve lost a feather.”

The tiny bright yellow plume had landed between two seeds almost like a quill in an old inkwell.

“That is no lost feather” Finch happily announced. “ it is a gift! A gift for your kindness”. Acrobatically Finch raised up his left leg. A paper scroll wrapped around it. “ Go ahead, take the scroll”. I listened to my golden friend.

Finch darted to my shoulder. “Take the feather from the seeds.”

The tip of the tiny quill was full with black ink.

“Finch? “

“Trust me” he said.

“Now my good hearted man, you have one wish. All you have to do is write it on the scroll, and it will come true”.

Taking the quill I began, I wish for..

Word Count- 175

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Thank you Joy:)

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  1. Do we get to finish it?

    I so love audience participation!

    Okay… he wished for… OH, the feather snapped and point broke…it’s ruined!

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