Raven, Brother Raven by Raymond Roy. #Poetry #FlashFiction

Raven, Brother Raven…..

Raven, Brother Raven, Is there a message that you bring? Mysteriously different from other birds, who choose to chirp and sing.

Raven, Brother Raven,

Blue-steeled feathers, ebony-onyx colored eyes,

Curiosity and character,I’m bewildered at your size

Raven, Brother Raven,

Poe did quoeth you “Nevermore”with his somewhat twisted mind,

Natives legends infer, you created all mankind.

Raven, Brother Raven,

Your caw has my attention, omen of certain revolution, a cleansing kindred spirit,…leading to ascension.

Raven, Brother Raven,

Heed your sacred clan,

Put aside your trickster ways, for the benefit of man.

Raven, Brother Raven…

Word Count-99

Written for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. Based on the photo prompt write a fictional post of 99 words(no more no less).

Thanks to our gracious host Charli.



  1. He’s not heavy…
    Nice ode.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thank you D. Avery 🙂

  2. Good poem. I like the repetition of Raven, Brother raven.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thanks Irene:) It morphed into a conversation piece the more I got into it. Peace

  3. Charli Mills says:

    There’s so much reflected back to us in the creatures all around us. But ravens are among some of the most special. Messengers. If only we sit still and listen. Love the rhythms built into your verse.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Yes so true.. I find experiencing nature is like a calming blanket of wisdom. I appreciate the kind comment on the Rhythm, I felt like I was having a conversation with the mischievous rascal:)

      1. Charli Mills says:

        Yes! I felt that back and forth flow, too in the rhythm.

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