“Mists” By Raymond Roy #writephoto

Image Credit: Sue Vincent

She leaned back into the tree hoping that her natural curves would blend in with the silhouette of the mature oak tree. She had run all night, her throat was parched. Torturously, a heavy mist hung thick in the morning air..she could feel the clay drawing all the moisture out of her feet. Sweat saturated her thin cotton work dress. Cotton, how she hated even the thinking of that word.

She could hear the dogs barking across the field, but she dare not look. As the fog began to dissipate, a curious squirrel stopped for a look, clacking it yellow teeth together emitting a territorial chirp. The trunk of the mighty oak was carpeted with a thick layer of moss it felt good against her scarred back. Subtly she turned and faced the moss. Like a butterfly gathering nectar, she pursed her lips and with a gentle flicking motion of her tongue, gathered the surface tension strained dew droplets from atop the many tiny moss rosettes.

She knew that moss primarily grew on the North side of a tree. She now had her bearings. North. To freedom.


Written for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt fiction.


  1. Escape she must, and escape she will 🙂

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    There is a whole back story there waiting to be imagined…

    1. goroyboy says:

      Yes my friend and adventure lies ahead. 🙂 thank you for the comment Sue.

      1. Sue Vincent says:

        It does seem to… I’d like to read both ways.

  3. James says:

    Wow. That was an excellent tale of her escape to freedom. Hope she makes it.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thanks James! I have a feeling she will:)

  4. I feel this is a standout example of show don’t tell . So good in so few words.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Bobby, thanks for the kind comment. Here is a little peak behind the original thought, the cotton dress she wore was going to be cotton prison uniform. The cotton material an the North facing moss transported me into the idea as an escaping slave.

  5. So well presented, enough to evoke the emotion and reaction of such a sad part of human history

    1. goroyboy says:

      Yes, to run from our roots is to kill the family tree. We must recognize them.

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thank you Dear Sue 🙂

    1. goroyboy says:

      Thanks Sue 🙂 have a good day

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