Wartime Meatballs

There are so many scenes in The Godfather that emulate real life on an emotional level. I imagine in part this is why it is considered such a great film.

In one particular scene, the Godfather had been shot, the families are at war, all the Corleone Family are hold up in the house as Clemenza nonchalantly proceeds to show Michael how to make meatballs. The look on Michael’s face says it all. Serious shit is going down and this guy wants to show me how to make meatballs? 

Clemenza: “Hey kid, come over here, let me show you how to make da meatballs”

For me the scene rings true to life as each of us have our personal struggles, wars if you will,  and those right next to us seem to be totally oblivious. Did it bother Michael that Clemenza didn’t seem to care about his father? I believe Micheal was not offended because they had a long history of  trusting and respecting each other. As for me personally, I find myself in a number of battles that have me keeping my head low, and most importantly, I am  trying to maintain my principles. Like Michael, there only a few very close to me that I feel I can trust..

For now I am going to cut the garlic cloves razor thin, stay close to home until I see the need to do otherwise. Peace

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