Society’s Tourniquet By Raymond Roy #FFFAW

Rattle Rattle, “spare change?” , “help a brother out”? 
Pan handling, it’s not so bad. You never have to worry about making eye contact with anybody. Although the concrete IS hot in the summer and sucks the life’s blood out of you in the winter. My knees ache, and butt gets numb at times. Don’t have to worry about feet getting cold since I left those back in Afghanistan. 

Hard concrete flashback: snapping in honing our marksmanship skills in the Marine Corps. The circle was asphalt, the rifle sling was tourniquet tight. We knelt facing a target, not firing, just developing muscle memory. Bam!! I saw stars as the DI slapped the rifle against my face, “tighten it up maggot”.

 Bam!! Back to reality, a car backfires. 

A long legged fur coat wearing high society type approaches the entrance to the high rise apartments with her fru-fru K9. She stops momentarily, takes out a tissue and wipes the dog’s arse. 

What’s wrong with this picture? 
Rattle Rattle, “spare change?” , “help a brother out”? 

Word count-174

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 

Semper Fidelis to all my Marine brethren. 


    1. Thanks Iain, truth be told, in my younger years I dug ditches while going to college. Covered in mud, I actually witnessed the “tissue” incident in the story. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Compelling contrasts that highlight the reality and costs of inequality, Ray, and touch hearts with such clear injustice. Your powerful story brings to mind a song by Si Kahn, “What you do with what you’ve got” ( The chorus lyrics –

    “It’s not what you’re born with
    It’s what you choose to bear
    It’s not how big your share is
    It’s how much you can share
    It’s not the fights you dreamed of
    It’s those you really fought
    It’s not what you’re given
    It’s what you do with what you’ve got”

    1. Lovely lyrics Dear Carol. Thanks for sharing them. Thinking of the dog in the story make me wonder if he would be happier changing places with our veteran. I always appreciate you stopping by. Peace my friend.

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