Cold Pizza by Raymond Roy:100 word challenge 

Photo Prompt copyright Dale Rogerson

Margie!!! As I type that name I want to scream! No words can describe the level of terror this woman woman inflicted on us 3 kids.

Dad still had a heroin monkey on his back, not much food in the house, lots of parties, and cold pizza for breakfast. On our coffee table stood a jackass cigarette dispenser. When it’s tail was lifted, a “smoke”would slide out of its butt.

The dirt streets and the alleyways were lined with metal trash cans where my older brother would find himself looking for food on his way to school in the morning.
Word Count =100

This is taken from a story named “Margie” The entire story can be found Here.

Written for our gracious host Rochelle Wisoffs “Friday Fictioneers” a 100 word photo prompt challenge.  To see other stories based on the photo prompt, click Here

Circa 1968 Danny, Lorraine, Me


  1. Dear Raymond,

    I’m not sure I can unsee the image of the jackass cigarette dispenser. I’m making mental note to return and read the longer version of the story.
    Is this based on truth? If so my heart goes out to you and admiration for your courage to share. Well done either way.



    1. Yes my friend it is true. Bringing light to darkness to me is a healing process. And the jackass was quite the conversation piece. Peace to you Rochelle.

  2. Very poignant piece of writing. The neglect sounds somewhat like the life my cousins had as school girls, when their mother–a single mom—would disappear with some guy for 2-3 weeks without a word, leaving them no food and no money.
    Some kids have it really tough and there’s often substance abuse involved. And some people just hate/resent kids.

    1. Thank you Christine for taking the time to reading and commenting. One of the residual effects on the kids is a sense of shame or perhaps even guilt. For years I would keep things in the dark until I finally realized by owning the experience and strive to avoid similar decisions in order to break these chains as not to bind my children and now grandchildren. Peace to you

  3. What a sad part of childhood… I, too, am going back to read the full piece. This one does stand alone though!

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