World on a string by Raymond Roy: 100 word Friday Fictioneers. 

Whack,whack,Crraack! It was a game. Chestnuts on a knotted leather string.

Placing your chestnut in a shallow hole, you took turns swinging one at the other, until one broke. 
With each victory, chestnuts became one year older. Ralphie smirked as my chestnut shattered like a banana fresh out of liquid nitrogen. Affectionately kissing his petrified tree nut. “20 years old”! 
No Trespassing! 
Just past the wrought iron fence, JACKPOT! The grandfather of chestnut trees, Sigh,,,pulling myself over I slipped,my puffy coat snagging on a spike, left me hanging upside down. 
 “Looking for these? said Ralphie, holding a handful of chestnuts. 
Word count=100

Written for Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers 100 word fiction based on the photo prompt below. Rochelle thank you for hosting. 
PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

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20 thoughts on “World on a string by Raymond Roy: 100 word Friday Fictioneers. 

    1. Christine thank you for teaching me something today. I learned this Game while I was a child in northern Ontario Canada. I never knew its name . Not surprising of its origins now with so much British influence in the commonwealth country of Canada. Did you play this is a child?

      1. No, I never played it. I’ve only read about it in British storybooks.But you’re right, there was a strong British influence in Ontario. Not so much here on the prairies where homesteaders came from all over Europe & the US midwest.

  1. Raymond, Christine and I are both Canadian too… I’ve also heard of the game conkers and wondered how it was played!!! Fun take!

  2. Dear Raymond,

    I just learned something new, too. I never knew the game. I enjoyed your story. A unique take on the prompt for sure.

    Is the photo you with your grandson? What a cutie.



  3. Loved playing conkers, and i remember being turned upside down trying to climb trees, thanks for the memory prompt.

    1. My pleasure Michael thanks for reading and commenting. By the way I never did find my giant MY Giant chestnut tree. Now living in Ohio we called him buckeyes.

  4. Loved the photo and the spirit of the story! I got a little confused with how with each victory, the chestnuts were another year older–do they play only once a year? Probably just me getting lost : ) I didn’t know about this game, but remember hunting chestnuts anyway on the way to and from the bus stop–they are so enticing as kids! Smooth, red, rounded or inside a prickly shell.

  5. I had a perfect image of the ‘upside down’ boy! Incidentally, those ‘conkers’ are great for deterring spiders. Every autumn we leave several containers of conkers all over our boat.

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