Lockdown: Flash Fiction

Photo credit Tim Livingston. 


Another of many giant raindrops falling from overhead branches went down the back of my raincoat. Like a cruise missile skimming the treetops, the icy raindrop grazed the fine hair on the back of my neck. A shockwave of goosebumps erupted down my spine like the aftershock of a nuclear explosion. I couldn’t help but involuntarily shiver. The jerking motion drew painful attention to my pulsating crimson sock. Encouragingly the blood had started coagulating. 

Shifting my weight ever so slightly, rattled the chains of the once hidden the bear trap and extruded semi-solid blood through the metal eyelets of my Converse All-stars, as if manufacturing miniature Crayola scarlet crayons. 

The crunch of rusted metal against raw bone eerily mimicked the new sound of snapping twigs just out of sight. 

Frequency and number of twigs breaking, steadily increased sounding much like popping corn. 

Interestingly just as portrayed on nature shows, hunting wolverines were never considered stealthy or quiet. 

Mistakenly, I thought they were supposed to be solitary animals and not hunt in packs. 

Word count = 175

Written for Flash Fiction for aspiring writers

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Peace to you. Raymond 


26 thoughts on “Lockdown: Flash Fiction

  1. what vivid description! the raindrops and the blood painted a ghastly picture, very nicely written, i like the italics on the word supposed, like he now had clarity that he did not really want to know!

    1. Thanks for picking up on that . And thank you for the comment/ compliment . One thing I love about fiction , I put myself in that poor Fello’s position , if it were up to me I was ready to fight . I like the idea from a few other commenters Hoping that he had a gun . Thanks for visiting

      1. since it is fiction, i would rather he have a sudden new super ability than a gun, guns have limited capabilities in flash or real life. delighted to read your words!

      2. oh that’s an amazing idea, a sudden transformation! that could work just great! you are imaginative and I did appreciate the descriptive very much.

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