Phrygia Gold:200 Word Photo Fiction 

Phrygia Gold

  Not even the anticipation of another sweltering summer day in Turkey could dampen the excitement for the aging Archeologist. For this was the day he would be entering not only a historic tomb but more personally, what was thought to be one of his direct ancestors. 

Descending into the dank site crevice offered relief from the direct sun. Elongated iron pry bars in the hands of men decades his junior, made light work of the polished marble stone. He thought to himself “This stone is like that of royalty”. 

Head lamps cut through the crepuscular dusty chamber like light sabres. The tenured archaeologist was speechless by the contents of the vault. 

Standing upright was none other than a space suit. “What the Hell?”, he thought. Abreast of the suit was a solid gold statue of a woman. Sitting on a table, a bowl of solid gold fruit, What on earth? Upon closer inspection , of the helmets face shield, the doctor saw a gold pattern deposited on its inner surface. The gold pattern emulated the shape one’s warm breath would leave on a cold window. 

Brushing the dust from the uniforms nametag, The Archaeologist’s jaw dropped. “Dr. Midas! What’s Wrong?!! 

Word Count=200

Written as part of Sunday Photo Fiction. Write a story of around 200 words based on the photo prompt (above). Hosted by Al Forbes. For more details visit Here To read more stories based on this photo prompt visit Here 

Phrygia is an ancient region in modern day Turkey. Among the Historic kings was none other than King Midas. For those not familiar with Greek mythology, a selfish wish granted to King Midas was that all he touched turn to gold. Unfortunately this resulted in a gold statue of his daughter and a preciously preserved bowl of fruit. Peace to you and thank you for visiting. -Raymond 


9 thoughts on “Phrygia Gold:200 Word Photo Fiction 

  1. …I had to look up what Phrygia meant! This is good. Are you suggesting that an astronaut was responsible for the destruction of an ancient civilisation?

    1. Hello Martin. Thank you for your kind words. Interesting question and certainly would be fun to follow that path. For me, that’s what is so wonderful about fiction, it can go anywhere:) While putting this together my anchor point was how that it was King Midas in the suit and the gold vapor on the face shield was his very breath turning to gold as well. The “twilight zone” mysterious tact was how did he get in the suit. One additional thought was that tubes on the suit was a attempt to feed him Intravenously. I truly appreciate your thoughts and comment. Peace

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