Jody:100 Word Challenge

For those that aren’t military or around the military, Jody is the name given to the person that a spouse back home cheats with/leaves the deployed spouse for.


Glowing Taxi tail lights fade into the night. The hybrid vehicle’s virtually silent on freshly Long Island fallen snow. This is a long way from Afghanistan. 24 hours earlier I have been in the sweltering desert heat. Who’s car is that in the driveway. I know I have the right address. Fumbling with the keys, I hear the dog barking through the door. A light comes on. An unfamiliar male voice is muffled. As I reach for the door handle, I hear the door unlocked from the inside. The door is chained. Then I see her eyes. I guess I should have called. 

Word count:100

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly photo-prompted 100 word writing challenge. Based on a photo prompt, the challenge is to pen a work of 100 words or less. If you’re interested in joining, or would like to read Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog; Here


  1. Dear Goroboy,

    I missed this one last week and the chance to welcome to you to Friday Fictioneers. So I’ll do so now. 😉 Touchingly tragic story. Too realistic and well written.



    1. Thank you for the kind welcome. And thank you for setting up a platform that is truly enjoyable. I just wrote this one today and was ready to post it on the linkz. I am happy to report this wasn’t a personal experience. I did however unfortunately meet a few Jodies during my time in the Marine Corps. And peace to you Rochelle.

    1. Clare thank you for taking the time to read my post and Comment. Unfortunately, I met a few Jody’s in the military. One of the many sacrifices military spouses make, months and sometimes years separated. May God bless them all

  2. So tough spending so much time apart – for all concerned. I liked the spare way you used your words, it fit the character and subject very well. Nicely done

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