Passionate Anger

For the most part I try my best to entertain uplift and be a support for others. Selfishly it fills my cup 🙂 Simply put, a form of social ministry. Good or bad I also strive to be honest and transparent. Recently I have felt a level of anger to where I wished ill will on others. As anger grew inside of me, I could hear the chains of hate and revenge rattling forth binding my inner peace that I cherish. I have unfriended ignored and avoided people I once considered friends. When I was a young child, I witnessed a lot of violence, abuse, and the like. During my adolescent I did my best to avoid confrontation perhaps as a defense mechanism. 

As a survivor, over the years, I have learned that confrontation is not bad if you come with when your intentions are honorable and are calm enough to let others be heard as well. How does the saying go? “Stand up for what you FEEL is right”….perhaps that is where the anger and frustration comes from. I FELT I did just that. Unfortunately there is also the saying (probably Dr Phil) “Feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are”.

 I have heard Christians also referred to as “Believers”. 

I think it is fair to say that as compared to the average population these practiced “believers” are convicted and Passionate in what they believe and feel, Passionate in Love and if evil has its way, “Passionate in Anger”.

Peace and May God Bless Us all. Amen. 


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