Steve G.


Steve G (right) and I circa . 1984
Steve G.

I met Stephen Joseph Gilkey in the barracks of Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan in 1983. I was 19 and Steve about 3 years my Senior. We were both US Marines attached to the H&MS 15 Aviation Ordnance Shop. With his besheffled hair, ever 5 o’clock shadow and and somewhat thick semi-translucent brown framed glasses, there he was. He would look over the 6 ft high partition that separated our semi-open cubicles as his was next door. “Hey Roy” he would say, pop his head over the wall, wearing that shit-eating grin,”hey Roy, can I borrow that Rush tape”? 

We slowly became friends, would go to chow, work out at the gym and spar in the barracks. We particularly became close when during one of our sparing sessions Steve’s foot caught to better part of a hand block that broke his foot. It was July, hot and muggy with no A/C in the barracks, living on the 2nd floor, and tough on Steve G to get around on crutches. I would help him with his tray at chow and walk along with him as he hopped around. Steve G was easy to talk and I think it was because he was a great listener. I have a number of stories and adventures i’d like to share, but for now, a simple introduction of how I met this good hearted man I loved as a brother. May he Rest In Peace. Amen  

SJR 28july1960-28feb1998

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